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Newsville.Com is a Usenet Newsgroup Provider. We provide access to more than 50,000 usenet newsgroups, through NNTP software, or our web based news reader software through your web broweser. We also provide listings of most valid available USENET newsgroups. Newsville.Com has thousands of customers which include individuals, businesses and other service providers.


  • Has customers in every continent
  • Was founded in 1995 as a division of Virtual Interactive Center and changed its name to Newsville.Com in 1998
  • operates a wholly owned datacenter in Knoxville, TN - USA, where all the servers are located
  • is privately held and profitable since its inception
  • provides the best possible customer service

Technical Information:

  • Bandwidth: Redundant links to serveral tier 1 providers (Currently: Broadwing, Bellsouth, AT&T and QWest)
  • Servers: Cluster of Dell PowerEdge dual xeon servers with 4Gb memory each, running Fedora Linux
  • Storage: Dell PowerVault arrays with ULTRA 320 SCSI Drives for a total of 2TB of storage currently (increasing 10% each month)
  • Datacenter: Liebert Air Control System, with backup
  • Datacenter: FM200 Fire Protection
  • Datacenter: Dual power paths
  • Datacenter: Power backup
  • News: 90+ days article retention for non-binary, 20+ days article retention for binary newsgroups
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